About Shamepoint in English

Statement by Right Livelihood Awards laureates

Don't let the weapons industry use the courts to silence peace activists!

Aimpoint AB is a company located in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. They produce red dot sights. Over 400,000 Aimpoint sights are used in armies today, some of them in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Swedish anti-militaristic network Ofog has expressed its resistance to this export of weapons in words and actions.

In 2008 they arranged a vigil outside of the company gates. A few peace activists climbed the fence with the only intent to continue the vigil inside the company's area. The police apprehended them quickly and calmly. There was no property destruction involved. Aimpoint AB has now charged the activists with a claim for 53,000 Euros. At another vigil another peace activist from Ofog managed to climb Aimpoint's fence. He was charged by the courts of appeal in Stockholm (Svea hovrätt) to an amount of 8,000 Euros.

Sweden is known internationally as a peaceful country but we have learned that Sweden is the second biggest weapons exporter in the world per capita. That is not a sign of peaceful behaviour. The world needs disarmament and one step is for countries to dismantle their weapons factories.

We support the peace activists in Ofog and other peace organizations who challenge the role of Sweden as a weapons provider to wars. We strongly urge the Swedish government and judicial system not to let the weapons industry silence peace activist with unreasonable financial claims. The possibility of expressing ones opinions with words and nonviolent actions should be fundamental to every democratic nation. We expect Sweden, who historically has stood up for human rights and peace, to exonerate these peace activists who are doing their duty in the service of a more peaceful world.

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