Ofog is an antimilitaristic network working with nonviolent direct action against the arms trade, NATO, military exercises and other forma of militarism in Sweden and abroad. 

Ofog has organised direct action camps in Karlskoga, where the weapons factories of BAE Systems Bofors and Saab Bofors Systems are situated. In 2008, Ofog disarmed Carl Gustaf grenade launchers and parts of Haubits canons. Last years, Ofog has focused on the military test range NEAT (North European Aerospace Testrange) in northern Sweden, which is used for development and training of drones, bomb dropping and other kind of military air exercises.

Ofog has participated in international actions such as blockades and mass actions at Faslane, Coulport, Aldermaston and Menwith Hill in UK, as well as in Shape and Kleine Brogel in Belgium.

Ofog is part of War Resisters' International and of the European Antimilitarist Network.

Read more about Ofog and War starts here. "Stopping war from Sweden".

To watch photos of Ofog's actions go to Ofog's Photostream on Flickr.
To watch videos of Ofog's actions go to Ofog's channel on Youtube.

Ofog is also on Facebook and Twitter.

For upcoming events please check Ofog's kalender and if you want to go to an Ofog meeting please get in contact with an Ofog local group.

Unfortunately we don't have the resources/capacity to translate everything on the website, but you can read about some campaigns and actions like Shamepoint, War starts here, Avrusta and Disarm.

Info for journalists

Ofog is an antimilitaristic network working with nonviolent direct action against the weapons industry, nuclear weapons, NATO and other kinds of militarism.

Ofog has organised peace camps with direct actions against the weapons industry in the town of Karlskoga. During the autumn of 2008 the first disarmament actions by Ofog activists took place. Right now our focus is on the military exercise area NEAT in Northern Sweden, where NATO, US and others exercise bomb droppning among other things. Ofog also participates in international protests and actions against nuclear bases and NATO headquarters an summits.

Journalists can reach Ofog at +46(0)733815361. During actions and camps we try to answer your calls directly. In between we may not answer right away but leave a message on the answering machine and we call you back as soon as possible.
You can also e-mail us at info[at]ofog.org.


E-mail: info[at]ofog.org

Phone: +46 733 81 53 61

Ofog Göteborg: goteborg(a)ofog.org
Ofog Stockholm: stockholm(a)ofog.org
Ofog Malmö: malmo(a)ofog.org

About the name ”Ofog"

”Ofog” literally translates into ”mischief”. But ofog is also a play with words. “Foga” is a Swedish verb meaning to conform, to obey. But in Swedish, if you put an O before a word, you turn it into its opposite. “Foga” also means, roughly, fixating things together in a decided and unchangeable form, so in this meaning of the word, when we put the O before, this is an allusion to our function as a flexible, dynamic network. 


Here follows an attempt at a timeline of actions that Ofog has participated in:

August. Action camp against NEAT, Luleå, Sweden.
April. NATO GAME OVER, Brussels, Belgium.

July. War starts here - internationel peace action camp, Luleå, Sweden.

July/August. Action camp against NEAT, Luleå, Sweden.
February. Aldermaston Big Blockade.

September. Actions against EU war minister meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden.
June. "Royal Error" action camp against NATO Response Force exercise in northern Sweden.

October 16-19. Avrusta disarmament actions. Karlskoga and Eskilstuna, Sweden.
September. Dissent, Disturb, Disrupt. European Peace Action. Malmö, Sweden.
June 12-19. Disarm'08. Karlskoga, Sweden.
May 15. Rebel Dia. Göteborg, Sweden.
Spring. Ofog on tour. Meetings in different cities.
March. Nato Game Over.
February. Shamepoint. Malmö, Sweden.

September-October. Faslane 365. Faslane/Coulport, Scotland.
June. Disarm´07. Karlskoga, Sweden.
May. Rebel Mariner vs Nato. Göteborg, Sweden.

November. Protest. Brussels, Belgium.
October. Faslane 365. Faslane, Scotland.
September. Non au missile M51. Bordeaux, France.

June. Spy camp inspections. Fauske, Norway.
May. Nato. Göteborg, Sweden.
April. Bomspotting XL. Belgium.

August. Nuke base inspections. Coulport, Scotland.
June. Spy radar inspections. Vardö, Norway.

October. Get in Shape. Belgium.
August. Coulport, Scotland.
April. The Really Big Blockade. Faslane, Scotland.

November. Nuclear sub inspection. Devonport, England.
October. Bomspotting.
February. Block´n Roll. Faslane, Scotland.

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