Aldermaston Summer Disarmament Camp 2013


27 augusti 2013 6:30 till 6 september 2013 17:30




AWE Burghfield

Trident Ploughshares Summer 2013 International Disarmament Camp at AWE Burghfield, Aldermaston. (AWE = Atomic Weapons Establishment)

Våra finska vänner i AKL ordnar buss till aktionslägret i Aldermaston och vi får åka med.

AKL om bussresan

"There are 50 places in the bus and our aim is to mobilise around 30 people from Finland like we have done previously. So that would leave about 20 places for you, but we cannot say exactly yet. Of course it also depends on how many people are interested to come from Sweden.

The price from Sweden to England and back (including ferry tickets and
overnight stay in Amsterdam) would be 150 Euros/person,

Some kind of a schedule of the trip

- 27 Aug, We arrive to Stockholm (Viking Line terminal) at 6.30 in the morning start to drive to south immediately. If there are people coming for example from Northern Sweden, we can wait for some time but hopefully not very long... We´ll arrive to Trelleborg around 6-7 pm and can pick up people from cities along the route.

- 28 Aug. Driving from Rostock to Amsterdam (about 10-11 hours)

- 29 Aug. From Amsterdam to Aldermaston/Burghfield via channel tunnel (about 11 hours)

- 29 Aug. evening to 4 Sept morning in the camp

- 4 Sept driving from Aldermaston to Amsterdam

- 5 Sept driving from Amsterdam to Rostock, from there to Trelleborg by the ferry at night.

- 6 Sept We´ll arrive to Trelleborg at 6 am and start to drive to north immediately. Arriving to Stockholm around 5-6 pm."

Trident Ploughshares om lägret

"Dear All, we at Trident Ploughshares have now agreed that we will organise a 2 week disarmament camp in the UK for actions at Burghfield and Aldermaston as part of the Action AWE campaign. You are all invited.

It will be held from 25th August until 8th September 2013 and we will arrange both a place for camping near these 2 sites (hopefully beside the nuclear bomb making factory at Burghfield) but also some inside floor accommodation.

We will be attempting a rolling blockade of Burghfield starting on the 2nd or 3rd day and continuing throughout the camp but will be also be encouraging affinity group actions of all kinds (from fence cutting, to getting over the fences, equipment disarmament inside the base, painting of roads etc as long as nonviolent) throughout the duration of the camp.

Internationals are invited to join us for all or part of the camp. A large action will be organised by us for Monday 2nd September if you want to arrive in time for this. But international groups can also plan their own actions before, during or after this."

Mer info hittar du på Trident Ploughshares webbplats.

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