Support the Fauske 4!

Convicted for a peaceful inspection of one of the most important US bases in the Nordic countries

In June this year four peace activists were charged with 10 000 nkr each (appr £850) for a peaceful inspection of the US military surveillance base in Fauske, Norway. The action was a part of an international peace camp organised by the Swedish organisations Ofog and Svenska Fredskommittén and the Union of Conscientious Objectors in Finland.

  • The surveillance base in Fauske has been directly involved in the Falklands war, the Gulf war and the latest war on Iraq
  • In 1991 George Bush personally handed over a diploma to the Norwegian Secret Service for their role in the Gulf War
  • The militarisation of space is dependent on an international network of radar and communication bases in which Fauske plays an important role

We appeal to all who are opposed to the aggressive US foreign policies and the militarisation of space, to help fundraising for the Fauske 4!

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